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Alesis DM6 - How to adjust your frame, pad, and cymbal clamps for the most stability

Assembling an electronic drum kit for the first time may seem overwhelming, but the easily adjustable hardware design of the Alesis DM6 will allow you to be up and playing with minimum fuss. We often hear from customers who aren't sure how much to tighten

Alesis DM6, Burst and Nitro Kits - No sound from kick or other pads

Electronic drum kits are like any other piece of electronic equipment - sometimes it can act in unexpected ways. This article walks through how to determine the cause of a DM6 pad not triggering and how to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Alesis DM6 - Optimizing performance and minimizing crosstalk

This article offers basic tips on how to get the absolute best performance from your Alesis DM6 drum kit. We'll review ways to minimize crosstalk between drum pads and set up your kit to realistically react to your playing.


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