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It takes creativity and the right tools to find the perfect mix. Alesis mixers deliver quality and flexibility with advanced USB connectivity, built-in digital effects, and high-quality inputs and outputs. Available in several different configurations, our mixers are perfect for studio tracking and mixing, live sound, and public address.
MultiMix 12R

MultiMix 12R [Learn More]

MultiMix 16 USB FX

MultiMix 16 USB FX [Learn More]

16-Channel Mixer with Effects and USB Audio
MultiMix 4 USB

MultiMix 4 USB [Learn More]

Four-Channel USB Mixer
MultiMix 6 Cue

MultiMix 6 Cue [Learn More]

6-Channel Headphone Amplifier and Mixer
Item BMM6CUEX110
Buy a Refurbished MultiMix 6 Cue
$134.00 USD | Add to Cart
MultiMix 6 FX

MultiMix 6 FX [Learn More]

MultiMix 8 Line

MultiMix 8 Line [Learn More]

Eight-Channel Stereo Line Mixer
MultiMix 8 USB FX

MultiMix 8 USB FX [Learn More]

8 Channel Mixer with Effects / USB Audio Interface