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The S4 Plus is a greatly improved version of the original S4. More ROM (24MB), more banks (5) more sounds (640) and mixes (500), General MIDI , as well as 4MB GM oriented samples added, and software to load your own custom samples to PCMCIA Flash RAM cards, etc. make this synth a hard to beat value.
  • Type : Sample playback synthesizer module, one rack space
  • Keys: N/A
  • Polyphony : 64 voices
  • MIDI Channels : 16
  • ROM : 20MB, expandable to 28MB using PCMCIA ROM and RAM cards.
  • Sounds : 512 preset 128 user programs, 400 preset and 100 user mixes, expandable using PCMCIA cards.
  • Samples : 48kHz Linear samples
  • General MIDI : GM compatible.
  • Effects : On board effects, based on the Alesis Q2 FX processor
  • Drums : Drum kits, rhythm loops
  • Input / Output : 4 Audio Out, Phones, MIDI IN, OUT, THRU, ADAT optical digital output, 48kHz input, PCMCIA card slot
  • Controls : 4 assignable control knobs,
  • Sequencer No on-board sequencer
  • Other features : Using PCMCIA Flash RAM cards, custom samples and programs can be added. Free sample transfer utility (SoundBridge) for Mac or PC.
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  • How do I reinitialize my S4 Plus?

    Power on while holding: Quad Buttons 1 and 4.

    Evidence: Program and Mix modes will both show "0" as the selected number with a name made of two quotation marks. An initialized program will be active consisting of a single pure sinewave.
    Note: Does NOT clear memory
    Resets the QuadraSynth's Global functions, but leaves the Mix, Program, and Effect memory intact in the User Bank. The Preset Bank is unaffected, as it is permanently stored in the keyboard's ROM (Read Only Memory).

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