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Isolating Electronic Drum Headphones

The first headphones designed for electronic drummers.

DMPhones are great-sounding headphones ideal for studio and electronic drummers. They employ a comfortable, closed–cup design for great isolation from outside noise so drummers don’t have to crank the volume up to 11. Pound away and still keep the volume at a healthy level so you can play longer without risking hearing damage.

DMPhones are the first headphones designed specifically for the electronic drummer. Their sleek, piano black finish and minimal size ensures visually unobtrusive appearance onstage. The audience will be riveted to your playing –- not the gigantic headphones you're wearing!

Get the only headphones made for electronic drummers: DMPhones, only from Alesis.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


  • Great-sounding headphones ideal for studio and electronic drummers
  • Comfortable, closed–cup, dual-ear design for great isolation from outside noise
  • Isolation enables performance and practice at lower sound levels for hearing safety
  • Adjustable headband fits virtually all head sizes
  • Sleek piano black finish and minimized size for visually unobtrusive appearance onstage
  • 1/8" mini-plug with 1/4" adapter for universal connectivity
  • DMPhones headphones
  • 1/4"-to-1/8" plug adapter