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Pro Kit

5 Piece Drum Pad Set with Cymbal Pads (No Module)

Natural Drum and Cymbal Feel That Fits Your Budget

Pro Kit is a real-feeling drum and cymbal pad set. just add any electronic drum module with trigger inputs and you're ready to practice, rehearse, perform, or record with natural feel and any sounds you like.

Pro Kit features Alesis' acoustic-feeling drum pads, which are built around standard eight-inch mylar drum heads and acoustic-dampening foam for quiet response. When the mylar heads wear out, you can replace the supplied smooth white heads with any standard 8" drum head you choose from any manufacturer. The heads are tunable with a drum key for adjustable tension and feel. A drumkey is included. The triple-flanged counterhoops are covered in a sound-reducing rubber sleeve, which further cuts acoustic noise.

Pro Kit includes a self-standing kick pad, to which any model of single or double bass drum pedal can be attached. Three tom pads and a dual-zone snare pad mount to the fully-adjustable rack with L-arms featuring non-round arms to eliminate slippage from playing. HiHat, Crash, and Ride pads are also included, and mount to the rack in any configuration that is comfortable. A continuously variable HiHat control pedal is included for total open-to-closed HiHat realism.

The fully-adjustable rack is built of 1 1/2-inch metal tubing -- which is standard throughout the drum industry -- so it's easy to expand Pro Kit with any manufacturer's clamps and mounts. All necessary clamps, professional 1/4-inch cables, and mounting hardware is included, and the clamps adjust with the included drum key. Finally, clamps and hardware to mount a 1RU drum module such as the Alesis DM5 are included.

Pro Kit is compatible with any manufacturer's drum module with trigger inputs, such as Alesis DM5 or Trigger|iO, and can be expanded with Alesis Expansion Drum and Cymbal Pads, and SURGE Cymbals.

Pro Kit gives you the perfect foundation on which to build and customize your ideal-feeling professional electronic drumset

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


  • Natural-feeling 8-inch mylar drum heads
  • Drum key-tunable feel
  • Fully-adjustable 1 1/2-inch metal tube rack for compatibility with any manufacturer's clamps and expansion hardware
  • L-arm pad mounts with non-round arms eliminate slippage
  • Full pad set includes three toms, dual-zone snare, kick, HiHat, Crash, and Ride
  • Continuous control HiHat pedal
  • Complete assortment of clamps, mounting hardware, and cabling
  • 1/4-inch outputs for professional connection
  • Includes rack clamps and mount for 1RU drum module such as DM5
  • Compatible with any drum module or trigger-to-MIDI converter, such as Alesis DM5 or Trigger|iO
  • Expandable with Alesis Expansion Drum and Cymbal Pads, and SURGE Cymbals
  • Kick pad
  • Dual-zone snare pad
  • Three tom pads
  • HiHat pad
  • Crash pad
  • Ride pad
  • HiHat control pedal
  • 1RU drum module mount
  • Rack with all clamps and necessary mounting hardware
  • All necessary cables
  • Drum key