WWW.ALESIS.COMOctober 10, 2015

Vocal Zapper

Vocal Reduction Tool

The Alesis Vocal Zapper is a stereo vocal reducer in an ultra-compact and affordable 1/4-space rackmount chassis. With the ability to precisely reduce vocals from any CD or stereo music source, the Vocal Zapper features 16 unique algorithms that allow optimal reduction of different types of vocals in various types of mixes. There are two 1/4” inputs and two 1/4” outputs operating at 24-bit conversion and 48kHz sample rate. Internal processing runs at 28-bit.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


Vocal-reducing algorithms• Reduce vocals from any stereo music source• 16 algorithms optimally reduce various types vocals• Input CD player, MP3 player, or any stereo line inputHigh resolution• 24-bit, 48kHz conversion• 28-bit internal processingMultiple uses• Sing along with any CD in your collection• Use for performance or practice• Great for karaokeUltra-compact• Just 1/4-space rackmount chassis