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Analog Modeling Synthesizer
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The virtually limitless sonic palette.


The micron is an eight-voice analog-modeling synthesizer. Despite its small size, you'll be impressed with the micron's big sound. Whether you use a synth to accompany you on stage or in the studio, and whether you prefer to work with the hundreds of preset Alesis sounds or create your own, the micron is the perfect companion. The micron also contains a powerful sequencing section with phrase, step, and drum sequencing, an arpeggiator, and stereo effects.


The micron has two multi-mode filters, three envelope generators, and two LFOs: the full spectrum of synthesis components for shaping and creating sonorities and textures. For stage and studio-ready quality, the microne has 24-bit audio outputs and inputs via balanced connections.

Each of the micron’s voices contains two filters, and each filter can be one of the following different types, each with its own character and sonic flavor: Bypass, Low Pass: ob 2-pole, tb 3-pole, mg 4-pole, rp 4-pole, jp 4-pole, al 8-pole; Band Pass: ob 2-pole, al 6-pole, octave dual, band limit; High Pass: ob 2-pole, op 4-pole; three Vocal Formants, four Comb Filters, Phase Warp, Frequency, Resonance, Key Tracking, Envelope Amount, Offset, and Absolute.

Each of the micron’s voices contains two LFOs, each of which offers rate, depth, shape, and tempo sync; and three envelopes: Amp Envelope, Filter Envelope, and Pitch/Modulation Envelope.


  • Analog modeling synth engine
  • Eight voices, each with three oscillators
  • Up to eight multi-timbral parts with stereo effects
  • Two multimode filters, three envelope generators, two LFOs, sample and hold, tracking generator
  • Dynamic real-time and step sequencers, arpeggiator, and drum machine/rhythm sequencer
  • Stereo bus effects including reverbs and delays
  • 24-bit 1/4" balanced stereo analog outputs and inputs
  • 37-key synth-action keyboard with velocity sensitivity
  • More than 600 preset sounds
Synthesis: analog modeling (subtractive), noise generator, FM
Polyphony: up to 8 voices
Timbrality: up to 8 parts
Oscillators: 3 per voice with continuously variable waveshapes, sync, linear and exponential FM, Ring Mod, routable modulation matrix per voice.
Filters: 2 multi-mode resonating filters per voice with 16 filter types
Modulation: 2 LFOs with multiple wave shapes, sample and hold, tracking generator, freely routable modulation matrix per voice
Effects: 4 drive effects, 1 per part; master effects
Sequencing: step sequencer, arpeggiator, drum machine/rhythm sequencer, and phrase sequencer
Program memory: up to 1,000 programs and multi-timbral setups
Velocity sensitive: Yes
Keyboard: 37-key, synth action
External control: MIDI in/out/thru
Inputs: 2 balanced 1/4” TRS, mic
Outputs: 2 balanced 1/4” TRS, 1/4” TRS headphone
Pedal Inputs: Assignable expression pedal, sustain pedal
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  • How do I reinitialize my micron keyboard?

    Power on while holding: "OCTAVE DOWN", "PROGRAM", and "SETUP"

    Note: Does NOT clear memory
Live DocumentsType
Product Overviewhtml
Manuals & DocumentationSizeType
micron - Product Overview
101 KBpdf
micron - QuickStart Guide
3 MBpdf
micron - Reference Manual
3 MBpdf
micron - Patches by Category
411 KBpdf
micron - Patches by Bank
409 KBpdf
micron - MIDI implimentation
690 KBzip
Software & DriversSizeType
micron OS Update v1.10
This is version 1.10 of the Micron OS in Sysex format. Download release notes here.
272 KBzip
micron Presets v1.02
This is version 1.02 of the micron presets. Presets include programs, patterns, rhythms, and setups.
219 KBzip

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