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E-Practice Pad

Electronic Drum Practice Pad
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Become a better drummer.


The Alesis E-Practice Pad is the fun way to learn and practice the drums. This electronic drum pad has 65 different drum sounds, a built-in metronome with six different sounds, and more than 50 practice games and exercises. The E-Practice Pad is way more fun than you can have with a standard practice pad. It feels great, it sounds great, and it gives you a full range of dynamics from the lightest touches through the loudest accents.

Just plug in your headphones and play silently or plug into an instrument amplifier or your stereo system and jam with other musicians. When you’re not using the E-Practice Pad as a traditional practice tool, you can mount it on a standard cymbal stand or snare stand and use it on your drumset to expand your range of sounds.

Unlike a standard pad, the E-Practice Pad has an advanced metronome built in with six different sounds and the ability to play nearly any note value or subdivision in the time signature of your choice. On top of the metronome, the e-Practice Pad has advanced games and learning features like Beat Check, Stroke Balance, and even recording and playback so you can hear your performances. The E-Practice Pad is an instrument that helps you grow as a drummer, developing your time, dynamics, consistency, and more.

The E-Practice Pad runs on batteries for portability or on wall power with the included adapter. You can add bass drum and hi-hat pedals using Alesis Expansion Pedals or any other footswitch.

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  • Electronic drum practice pad with metronome and learning exercises
  • 65 different drum sounds
  • Metronome with six sounds, adjustable time signatures and subdivisions
  • 50 practice games and exercises
  • Natural feel and performance with full dynamic range
  • Headphone jack for silent practice
  • Amplifier outputs for playing with other musicians
  • Mountable on standard 8mm cymbal stand or snare stand
  • Recording and playback for listening to your playing
  • Runs on batteries for portability or on wall power with the included adapter
  • Expandable with optional bass drum and hi-hat pedals



  • E-Practice Pad
  • Power adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • 65 pad sounds
  • 6 metronome sounds
  • 60 exercises, games, and songs
  • Trigger inputs: kick pedal (1/4" TS), hi-hat cymbal (1/4" TS), hi-hat pedal (1/4" TRS)
  • Outputs: 1/4" stereo headphone
  • Power: 9V AC, adapter included or 4 AA batteries
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  • The E-Practice pad lists that there are 6 different metronome sounds. However, I can't hear them through the small built-in speaker. Is something wrong?


    E-Practice Pad - About the metronome and external piezo buzzer:


    The E-Practice Pad features 65 different pad sounds, and 6 different metronome sounds. To listen to these sounds connect headphones to the 1/4" headphone port.


    The E-Practice pad also features a small built-in piezo buzzer which allows for a basic electronic beeping metronome sound to be heard when there are no headphones connected. Connecting headphones to the E-Practice Pad will disable the external buzzer, and will allow the listener to select from the 65 pad sounds and 6 metronome sounds.


    To select from the 6 available metronome sounds:


    1. Connect headphones to the E-Practice Pad.
    2. Press the START/STOP button to start the metronome.
    3. Press the gray METRO button to the left of the display until the black indicator arrow in the display appears next to CLICK SOUND.
    4. Then press the -VALUE+ buttons to change the metronome sound.
  • Can I use the E-Practice Pad as a trigger for a separate drum module or trigger-to-MIDI interface?

    The E-Practice Pad can only access its own internal sounds. However, you can connect it to other triggers and pedals to access additional sounds and create the feel of a more complete drum kit. The E-Practice Pad can be connected to a kick drum pedal and hi-hat cymbal pad (with 1/4" TS cables) and a hi-hat control pedal (with a 1/4" TRS cable). Check out the Alesis Electronic Percussion page to purchase these additional items.
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