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New Product Releases
DM5 Pro Kit with SURGE Cymbals

Alesis at PASIC
Gamers Love Alesis

Product Spotlight
SURGE Cymbals

Tips & Tricks
Using SR18 as a drum sound module

DM5 Pro Kit with SURGE Cymbals

Professional Electronic Drumset
Incomparable sounds. Incomparable feel.

Our flagship electronic drumset features the legendary sounds of the DM5 drum module. Now shipping.

Check Us Out at PASIC

PASIC show coming Nov. 5-8

Video Gamers Love Alesis Too

We lent our engineering brain trust to our friends at ION, and look what happened. The officially licensed Premium Drum Set for the Rock Band 2 video game, Drum Rocker, can be used with our DM5 and Trigger|iO as an electronic drumkit.

SURGE Cymbals

Everything you need to know. We go way beyond the overview to take a look at what makes it cool. Roll up your sleeves and join us as we go in-depth with:

SR18: a great sound module for your Trigger|iO or USB Pro Drum Kit

People love the brand-new sounds in the SR18, so we decided to develop a special configuration enabling drummers to use it as sound module. If you have about five minutes and a MIDI cable, you can make it happen!