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Video - DM5 Pro Kit with SURGE Cymbals

Alesis goes to PASIC

micron awarded Consumers Digest BEST BUY!


USB Pro Drum Kit

SURGE Cymbals


Cash back on mixers and monitors


USB Pro Drum Kit


Optimizing your computer recording system

Video showcase - DM5 Pro Kit with SURGE Cymbals
Have you seen the DM5 Pro Kit with SURGE Cymbals? If not, wait no further and check out the video tour of this head-turning kit.

Alesis goes to PASIC
Alesis percussion is a big hit at the PASIC show this week. Drummers of all ages and levels are checking out our entire line.

micron Receives Consumers Digest's BEST BUY Distinction
The Alesis micron keyboard has been recognized as an unstoppable value by Consumers Digest. Click here to find out why.

SURGE Cymbals
Alloy Cymbals with Built-In Triggers. The most advanced cymbals on the planet.

USB Pro Drum Kit
Introducing the next step in the evolution of electronic drums.

Get a pair of M1Active 520 or M1Active 620 studio monitors and we'll send you cash back.
Improve your mixes and your bank account.

Buy an iMultiMix 8 USB mixer and get $50.
One of our most popular mixers comes with fifty friends for you.

Alesis developed the USB Pro Drum Kit to harness the power of your computer's processor, because you already have the world's most powerful drum-sound generator - your laptop. This month, we're going way beyond the overview to take a look at what makes it cool. Roll up your sleeves and join us as we go in-depth with:

USB Pro Drum Kit

Optimizing Your System, Improving Performance and Managing Latency
So you bought an audio recording interface, followed all the instructions, and set everything up. Now what? In this article, we cover some measures you can take to optimize your system for maximum recording performance, prevent audio dropouts and manage latency.