Welcome to the May 2009 edition of the Alesis e-newsletter. This month, we’re proud to announce immediate availability of three new pieces of gear, some hot media coverage, the chance to win a TapeLink USB and two new ways to connect and interact with us!

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  • JamDock Now In Stores
  • LineLink Cable Now Shipping
  • New Designing Your Home Studio DVD
  • MasterControl Reviewed in DJ Times Magazine
  • Gearwire Covers The DM6 Kit
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  • JamDock
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  • Set Up And Optimize The USB Pro Drum Kit
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JamDock Now In Stores
The only iPod dock designed for musicians – the JamDock – is now in stores! Pick one up and enjoy practicing and performing with the world’s most popular music device.

LineLink Cable Now Shipping
Record nearly any stereo audio source: the outputs of a mixer, a mix of your iPod, an instrument mix from your JamDock, a sampler, and more, right into your Mac or PC. No interface box or complicated connectors needed. LineLink has dual 1/4” jacks on one end and USB on the other. Easy.

New Designing Your Home Studio DVD
One of the most common questions we get from our recording customers is how to set up their studio for the best mixes. GRAMMY® Award-winning recording engineer and producer Francis Buckley has been making hit records for most of his life. In this video, he’ll take you through the secrets of configuring a killer studio.

MasterControl Reviewed in DJ Times Magazine
DJ Times, a magazine known for providing information for working DJs and music professionals, took an in-depth look at the MasterControl studio recording and control interface. Read the review from the May issue.

Gearwire Covers The DM6 Kit
Gearwire, a valuable resource site for pro audio news, recently shared their excitement about the new DM6 Kit. Check out what they had to say.

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Everybody has an iPod. But how do you incorporate your iPod into your instrument rig? That was a tricky question to answer… until now. The JamDock is the first iPod dock designed for musicians. Learn all about how the JamDock can make your practice and performance sessions more fun in this month’s spotlight.

Set Up And Optimize The USB Pro Drum Kit
The USB Pro Drum Kit is the first electronic drum set designed to harness the processing power of your computer for sound generation. This month’s tips and tricks column takes you through setting up and optimizing the USB Pro Drum Kit for your computer and the FXpansion BFD Lite software drum module that comes with the kit.

Win a TapeLink USB!
Want to win a TapeLink USB? It seamlessly transfers all of your cassette recordings to your computer through USB. All you have to do is complete an entry form and your dream could come true.

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