Welcome to the June 2009 edition of the Alesis e-newsletter. This month, we’re proud to announce immediate availability of two new pieces of gear, some hot media coverage, and some special coverage of our most popular gear.


  • The AM3 Stereo USB Mic Is Now In Stores
  • The AM1 Handheld Vocal Mic Is Now Shipping
  • MasterControl Featured in Recording Magazine


  • Studio Monitors


  • Mixing: 101

Product Updates

  • New Trigger iO Preset
  • 64-bit Driver for Firewire Devices


If you have ever tried to record stereo sound to your computer, you know it can be tricky with interfaces, converters, placement, and other considerations. The AM3 stereo USB mic solves those – you just plug this single-body, handheld stereo mic into your Mac or PC via USB and you’re ready to record into your favorite software.

From singing in a band to recording voiceovers for your videos, you need a solid, rugged mic to capture your voice. The  AM1 handheld mic is the perfect choice for nearly any recording or performing need. It even comes with a cable and case so you’re ready to perform!

The MasterControl, our studio control surface/multichannel interface/session manager, is the star of next month’s Recording Magazine. In addition to its cover shot, the MasterControl was reviewed in depth in the issue.  Check out the beauty shots and coverage here.

You’ve connected all your sources to your interface and set up your computer for recording. Ready to track, right? Not unless you have a quality set of studio monitors! What’s so special about studio monitors and what’s the difference between the different kinds? Learn all about studio monitors and the different Alesis models in this month’s spotlight.

There are a lot terms and concepts that are involved in using a mixer. And whether you’re dealing with a hardware mixer from our MultiMix line, a software mixer in your DAW, or a combination using a controller like the MasterControl, the principles are the same. Whether you’re new to the world of audio or just want to brush up on the basics, we’ve got the goods on mixing basics in this month’s feature: Mixing 101.

If you have a USB Pro Drum Kit, you'll love this update. We've created a new preset for the Trigger|iO that optimizes the trigger settings for improved performance. Download this free update here.

The MasterControl and iO|26 studio interfaces and MultiMix FireWire mixers are now compatible with 64-bit Windows Vista computer operating systems. With these updates, you can integrate Alesis FireWire equipment into virtually any computer setup whether you use Mac OS X, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.Download the new 64-bit Vista driver here.


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