This is the special 2009 Winter NAMM edition of the Alesis e-newsletter. The NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, is one of the world’s biggest events in musical instruments and recording gear. This e-newsletter and the Alesis web site are the best places for the latest Alesis news straight from the show floor. Alesis is at the show, where we are unveiling a slew of cool new gear. In this newsletter, you'll find the latest images, videos, and news from the show.



• MasterControl Now Shipping

• Show Your Rig Contest Winning Video

• Alesis Is At Winter NAMM


• MultiMix 4 USB
• M1Active 520 USB
• ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit
• JamDock
• LineLink
• TapeLink USB


• ProTrack and ProTrack Recording Kit


• DM5edit Editing Software For The DM5

MasterControl Now Shipping
MasterControl is a FireWire recording interface with up to 26 simultaneous inputs; it's a dedicated, extensive control surface that's compatible with nearly all software and hardware on the planet; and it even has a talkback and monitor-switching system built in to help run your sessions. Now that it's here, take a closer look at the details.

We Have A Winner:
Alesis.com Show Your Rig Video Competition
Bill Behrendt masterfully educates and performs with his Trigger|iO. A month ago, we told you about the Alesis.com Show Your Rig Video Competition, in which we invited you to post a video of yourself demonstrating or performing with your Alesis gear. Watch the winning video now!

Alesis Is At Winter NAMM
Get the scoop on all of the new Alesis gear and check out the latest news, videos and images direct from the show floor. Visit the special Winter NAMM page.

MultiMix 4 USB
Sometimes you just don’t need tons of inputs and a whole lot of complicated features. If you just want to mix a few different audio sources including all kinds of mics, line-level and guitar-level instruments, and even a tape deck, and then record it all in stereo, CD-quality resolution, you need to check out the new MultiMix 4 USB. This compact mixer is perfect for using in recording setups, video editing and production studios, and portable podcasting setups. Find out more about the MultiMix 4 USB.

M1Active 520 USB
M1Active 520 USB studio monitors combine high-quality loudspeaker performance with a two-way, USB audio interface. That means you can connect them to your DAW with nothing other than a USB cable to low-latency, low-noise playback and connect a mixer, sampler, or even two mono sources and record into your software! Say goodbye to complicated connections and messy cable tangles.

ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit
It’s a recording studio in the palm of your hand. ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit enables you to record stereo audio directly to your iPod from a wide variety of sources and in a wide variety of environments. It combines a ProTrack handheld recorder for iPod with a stereo pair of AM2 cardioid condenser microphones, a table stand for the ProTrack, and accessories. Go mobile. We'll show you how.

Dock up and rock out. JamDock integrates your iPod into your practice or live-music setup. You can connect and mix in nearly any instrument including electronic drums and send your mix to the stereo outputs and headphone output. JamDock enables you to mix your iPod and your instrument and practice with headphones, amp, or PA system. Check out the details now.

Record your mixer, keyboard, sampler, or drum machine in stereo to your computer. LineLink makes it easy to direct-connect nearly any mixers, keyboard, sampler, sequencer, drum machine, or other stereo, line-level audio source to USB for stereo recording.

TapeLink USB
This dual-cassette deck enables you to store your irreplaceable recordings on hard disk, flash, burn them to CD, or take them with you on your iPod. Clean up your old tape recordings of your band's rehearsals and performances and listen in your car. Rediscover your demos, jam sessions, and song ideas, and then listen to them anywhere on your iPod! You can get the scoop here.

ProTrack and ProTrack Recording Kit
Mobile recording used to be complicated with cables and power supplies and having to remember your recording media. Now, the ProTrack enables you to create CD-quality recordings on your iPod without a single cable. Learn all about it in this month’s Product Spotlight. Plus, we’re introducing two new accessories: the ProTrack Adaptor and the ProTrack Tripod, as well as the complete ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit. Get all the details here.

DM5edit Editing Software For The DM5
Want to get more out of your DM5? DM5edit is an editing program designed to work with the DM5 drum module. Download a free trial of DM5edit from JCS Automation today. Click here to try DM5edit.
Click here to try DM5Edit.

That's it for the 2009 Winter NAMM edition of the Alesis e-newsletter. Keep those emails coming - we love to hear from you!

Happy new year from Alesis.