Happy holidays and welcome to the Alesis e-newsletter. This is the place to be for keeping up on the latest Alesis news. Each issue, we bring you inside tips and tricks for taking total advantage of your Alesis studio recording, electronic percussion, and other music-performance gear. This month, we're bringing you more information than ever before. This issue is packed with tips, tools, videos, and both easy-to-understand and advanced technical information. Plus, you can enter to win a free top-of-the-line Alesis electronic drum kit!


• iMultiMix 16 USB is now shipping

• USB Recording Kit is now shipping

• MasterControl is now shipping

• Alesis Pro Kit is now shipping


• The Alesis Video Gallery is online now


• MasterControl


• Gain Staging 101


• Get the DM5 new sound set


• Cash back on mixers and monitors


• DM5 Pro Kit with SURGE cymbals


iMultiMix 16 USB
This 16-channel mixer has a Universal Dock for iPod and a USB digital-audio interface. It's perfect for live performance, rehearsal, recording, classrooms, and more!

It's the only piece of hardware you need to run your recording studio. It's a FireWire recording interface with up to 26 simultaneous inputs; it's a dedicated, extensive control surface that's compatible with nearly all software and hardware on the planet; and it even has a talkback and monitor-switching system built in to help run your sessions

USB Recording Kit
This hot bundle turns a laptop into a portable recording studio with monitor speakers, a complete input and output audio interface, and a pair of stereo condenser microphones. It's easy to use and easy to afford

Alesis Pro Kit
Do you have a DM5 in your studio? Turn it into a complete, professional electronic drum set with Pro Kit. Or, perhaps you'd like to upgrade your DM5 Kit to a DM5 Pro Kit. This packagecontains real-head pads for snare, three toms, and kick; flexible, realistic hi-hat, crash, and ride pads; a sturdy, adjustable rack, and a complete set of cables andmounting hardware.Just add a DM5 and rock out.

Alesis Video Gallery
Did you know that Alesis has a channel on YouTube? Not only that, we've assembled a special video gallery to introduce you to some of the great videos people have made with their Alesis gear.

Building or upgrading your studio shouldn't be complicated or time consuming. That's why we designed MasterControl: to take the place of all the complicated gear and centralize all the I/O and control into one desktop surface. This month, we're going way beyond the overview to take a look at what makes it cool. Roll up your sleeves and join us as we go in-depth with MasterControl.

Gain Staging 101
How do you get microphones, instruments, and other gear all to play nicely in your recording or PA system? We break down the basics of managing gain to help you get the most out of your system.

Free new sound set for the DM5
Download the new sound set for your DM5 that's optimized for use with the DM5 Pro Kit pads. Click here and select the Docs & Downloads tab.

All you need is a MIDI interface (such as the iO|2) and freeware such as MIDIOX (PC) or SysEx Librarian (Mac) to make the transfer.

Get cash back when you pick up M1Active 520 or M1Active 620 studio monitors.
Our high-quality, linear, two-way monitors are active, bi-amplified, and perfect for project studios, home studios, and more

Get $50 back when you buy an iMultiMix 8 USB.
This hot mixer works with your iPod. You can record to iPod, record to your computer, or use your iPod as a sound source for mixing.

Grab a PerformancePad and grab $30.
Expand your drum set or start building an electronic rig with this all-in-one percussion performance station. It has great sounds, it's expandable, and it's easy to use.

Announcing The Alesis.com Show Your Rig Video Competition!
Want to win a DM5 Pro Kit with SURGE cymbals? All you have to do is make a video and your dream could come true.

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Happy, healthy wishes from Alesis.