Welcome to the August 2009 edition of the Alesis e-newsletter. This month, we’re proud to announce immediate availability of four new pieces of gear, some hot media coverage, and we’ll tell you about a visit from one of drumming’s most influential magazines.


  • E-Practice Pad For Drummers Is Now Shipping
  • The MultiMix 4 USB Mixer Is Now In Stores
  • The TransActive Live Is Now In Stores
  • DRUM! Magazine Visits Alesis’ Engineering Center
  • TapeLink USB Receives Praise From MacLife

Product Spotlight

  • MultiMix 4 USB

Deals and Steals

  • Get $45 Back When You Buy a micron Synth
  • Get $30 Cash Back On TransActive Mobile
  • FREE Studio Monitors When You Buy a MasterControl
  • Receive $20 Cash Back On ProTrack
  • Get Up To $50 Back On MultiMix USB Mixers


Practicing your rudiments just got a whole lot more fun! The E-Practice Pad has dozens of quality drum and percussion sounds, a built-in metronome, play-along learning exercises, and more! Check it out and pick one up.

Simple can be good. If you just want to mix a couple of audio sources for live or recording settings, you’ll appreciate the new MultiMix 4 USB’s simplicity. No wasted space here, and it even has a built-in USB audio interface for recording or playing back with your Mac or PC. Learn more here.

Small gigs call for small PA systems! Why lug around amps, speakers, cables, and stand where you can show up to play the show with nothing more than one compact box? That’s the idea behind the small-but-powerful TransActive Live. Read all about it.

Our Los Angeles Engineering Center had a visit from DRUM Magazine last week. DRUM’s man main, Phil Hood, sat down for a quick chat with our Jim Norman and one thing became clear: DRUM! is excited about what Alesis is working on… and you should be too! Read the article here.

MacLife took a look at the TapeLink USB and gave it a rating of “GREAT”! They liked its ease of operation, quick setup, and intuitive software bundle. Check out the review here and learn all about the TapeLink USB here.

Bigger isn’t always better. If you just want to mix a couple of audio sources for live or recording settings, or you just want to track voice-overs for video or audio, you don’t need a massive mixing console with tons of routing, effects, and other capabilities. That’s why we came up with the MultiMix 4 USB. Learn all about it in this month’s spotlight.

You heard right. Pick up this pint-sized powerhouse synth and get a sweet $45 cash back. Better hurry though, as this deal only runs through August.

TransActive Mobile is the portable PA system with a built-in iPod dock that can be your best friend for a gig. This month you can save a cool $30 through our mail-in rebate!

Who doesn’t love free gear? How about a free pair of active, two-way studio monitors! Pick up a MasterControl this month and we'll send you a set of M1Active 520 studio monitors. Download the rebate form here.

You've seen how in this month's issue, The 88 used an Alesis ProTrack to record vocals for their new album directly to their iPhone. Pick up your own shiny new ProTrack and we'll send back $20 via mail-in rebate. Download your rebate form here.

This summer we're mixing up some great deals, including a super-smooth $50 cash back on any new MultiMix 8, MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 or MultiMix 16 USB 2.0 mixer. Download your rebate form here.


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