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MasterControl, iO|26, MultiMix 8 Firewire Are Now 64-bit Compatible

New Beta 64-Bit Drivers Released for FireWire Equipment

The MasterControl studio interface and controller, iO|26 studio interface and MultiMix FireWire mixers are now compatible with 64-bit Windows Vista computer operating systems. This beta update is available for download from each productís page.

The MasterControl is a professional audio interface, recording control surface, and monitor-switching manager. It gives you up to 192 kHz-recording capability and up to 26 simultaneously addressable inputs via ultra-fast, low latency FireWire and full-featured control of HUI-compatible DAWs and external MIDI devices.

The iO|26 is a professional recording studio interface enabling up to 24-bit, 192 kHz recording with premium Cirrus converters for maximum dynamic range. The interface provides eight mic/line inputs with built-in preamplifiers, two of which are switchable for direct guitar recording. The expandable interface also can work with up to 16 channels of ADAT input, 16 channels of MIDI I/O, a stereo S/PDIF digital input, and a stereo turntable input for up to 26 simultaneously addressable inputs.

The MultiMix 8 FireWire mixer is a compact, desktop mixer with four mic/line inputs with preamps plus four additional line-level inputs. The advanced mixer features 100 built-in DSP effects and a complete range of professional mixing capabilities. It also contains a complete FireWire recording interface for sending and receiving digital audio to and from connected Mac and PC computers.

With these updates, you can integrate the MasterControl, iO|26, and MultiMix 8 FireWire into nearly any computer setup whether you use Macintosh OS X, Microsoft Windows XP, or Windows Vista. As this release is currently in beta, there are some known issues, which are documented in the release notes. Be sure to review them before you install.

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